About Us

Drenched Wellness is an integrative aesthetic and wellness spa specializing in “Drenching” our clients in luxurious beauty and wellness treatments. We are a beauty and wellness spa focused on more than just the surface. We believe that beauty starts on the inside and radiates outward.

At Drenched Wellness providing you with the best care is our top priority we are under the supervision of medical director, Dr. Clint Seymour, MD.

Our Mission

We aim to bring a sense of luxury to your wellness experience by improving your quality of life using the WHOLE health approach to beauty and wellbeing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make each client feel confident, rejuvenated, and renewed.
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of Experience
Natale W. Burton MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

A leading authority in the beauty and wellness industry, Natale has led a distinguished career as a healthcare professional for over 10 years. She has spent her career honing her expertise in the areas of business, regenerative and aesthetic nursing, skin care and more. This vast experience has helped Natale understands what it takes to provide the best quality care to all clients. With the strong belief that optimal health is wealth and after traveling her own roadmap of transition after childbirth Drenched Wellness was born.

Natale’s personal and clinical experiences bring a fresh and innovative perspective to her business, positioning her as a trendsetter in her industry. Her goal is to build meaningful relationships with her clients and with the beautiful community of Greenville, SC. Natale takes great pride in providing safe effective wellness and aesthetic services that make each client feel confident, rejuvenated, and renewed.